Dive started life as an eclectic, anything-goes queer party in the murky depths of a subterranean dive bar in Edinburgh in July 2013.

Since those humble underground beginnings the Dive family has grown into an ever burgeoning collective of artists, performers, makers and doers blending together to create our unique flavour of parties, cabarets and happenings.

The Dive family emerged from a need to create a space to share, explore and show off our collective creativity, joy and madness in a safe, fun and inclusive environment.

We promote a world where you can be whoever you want to be, however you want be, wherever you want to be.

Find out about our next event and how you can became part of our queer and growing family below.

We are dive and we love you ♥


Dive is an eclectic, anything-goes, performance party and cabaret for, by and of the people. We host parties and cabarets, in a variety of spaces, that immerse and entertain our audience with a heady mix of live art, performance, music, film and visual art.

Our immersive and decadent parties have secured us a reputation as the “queer scene’s finest show-folk and entertainers” (The Skinny) and with our open and inclusive approach to the experimental we were nominated for the Diversity Award in the inaugural Equality Network Awards and celebrated for “creating a new world order” (Four Letter Word).

In the summer of 2015 we took on a Fringe residency at the beating heart of the Fringe – Summerhall – with our “C U NEXT TUESDAY CABARET”, with award-winning special guests and high-octane live performance from “The queerest pick ‘n’ mix of the Fringe!”. Our guests included…ALICE RABBIT, BABY LAME, BIRD LA BIRD, BUTT KAPLINKSKI, DESIREE BIRCH, DIANE TORR, EILIDH MACASKILL, FRANK SINAZI, GAFF E, JOHNNY WOO, JUDITH WILLIAMS, MISS BEHAVE, RACHEL MCCRUM, ROSANA CADE, SARAH FRANKEN, SCOTTEE, SKINNY RED HEAD, STICKY BISCUITS, TAYLOR HUXLEY and many, many more. WE’RE BACK IN 2016! Check out the dates in our DIARY.

In October 2015 we teamed up with Luminate: Scotland’s Creative Ageing Festival to present a “Timeless Queer Cabaret for All Ages & Persuasions”, working alongside community networks & support groups. The event was a SELL OUT success and we’ll be back with Luminate in 2016 with a new cabaret and an intergenerational creative development project.

Have a gander at some pics and video from our previous parties and cabarets on Facebook.

And check out our DIARY below for details of our next party.

Don’t forget WE NEED YOU. If you’re a maker/doer/show off or just want to get involved JOIN OUR FAMILY! Just ‘Holla!’ at the link above or mail us.


The Dive Family spreads its tentacles far and wide, working with a variety of PARTNERS & ASSOCIATE ARTISTS to make our parties, cabarets and creations extra juicy.

Our partners and collaborators include…

Four Letter Word Magazine; Lock Up Your Daughter’s Filmmaking; Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival; LGBT History Month; LGBT Age; Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Dive Parties and Cabarets have bubbled up in a variety of VENUES from an abandoned animal hospital to the Glasgow Centre Contemporary Arts. We’ve shaken our tooshes in…

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; Forest Cafe, Edinburgh; Serenity Cafe, Edinburgh; Stereo, Glasgow; Summerhall, Edinburgh; Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh…

BOOK US! Just ‘Holla!’ at the link above or mail us.


The Dive Family’s kaleidoscopic rainbow of talents isn’t just for parties and cabarets, you know.

We produce, support and cook up all sorts of creative projects that showcase Dive’s full rainbow of talent, spanning film, theatre and visual art.

NEW! We’re brewing something exciting with Luminate for October 2016. Watch this space…

Don’t forget WE NEED YOU. If you’re a maker/doer/show off or just want to get involved JOIN OUR FAMILY! Just ‘Holla!’ at the link above or mail us.


No shows booked at the moment.

Our family

The Goddess Dive is a multi-faceted, many-tentacled creature. Ephemeral, eclectic and eccentric, she is an ever burgeoning family of artists, performers, makers and doers blending together to create Dive’s unique flavour of parties, cabarets and happenings.

Get to know some of us here and read about how founder Annabel met fellow producer and hostess Miss Annabel Sings on a dark and stormy night during a military Tattoo

JOIN OUR FAMILY! Just ‘Holla!’ at the link above or mail us.

Queer Is…

Queer is

© Anna Crow

Queer is realising you might be different
Then questioning the prevalence
Of the “normal” you are taught is dominant
That you are taught is desirable, aspire-able to
Queer is realising difference is more admirable
DIVErsity more beautiful
Queer is more interspersed than you thought or were taught

Queer is what is “normal” anyway?
That “normal” is the concept of an oppressive society
Driven by bigotry, the patriarchy
Cisgender straight white males who don’t realise their privilege
When people are dying
People are jumping or are pushed
From ledges and bridges because they are oppressed
Because of who are they are
Because of how they want to dress
Because of who they love
Because they are queer
Because they are seen as different

Queer is reclamation
Of words made to insult and belittle
Queer can be a choice
Not about who you are
But between censorship or proclamation
Declaration despite the fear there may be
That close friends or family
That your “near and dear”
May tell you they love you
But will not accept you as queer

Queer is not always proud
When you can be too scared to say aloud
Words like gay or bi or trans or queer
Phrases like “I am gay”, “I am bi”, “I am trans”, “I am queer”
Knowing people who may claim to love you
May never love all of you
Might never accept you
Could utterly reject you

Queer is realising it is okay
To like stuff that is the same as you
To even fancy people that look like you
To dance like an awkward camp boy
To fancy awkward camp boys too
To be gay or straight or anything in between
To fancy people that are gay or straight or anything in between
To be feminine or butch or anything in between
To fancy people that are feminine or butch or anything in between
To be male or female or anything in between
To fancy people that are male or female or anything in between

Queer is knowing the majority
Of things in life are not a dichotomy
Celebrating inclusivity, how DIVErse we are
Enjoying how subversive they say we are
Queer is finding our own family who accept us
If families we were raised in reject us

Queer is about equality
It’s upsetting when it fails me
Where there is still hierarchy
When what should be a place of safety
Rejects or does not accept anyone close to me
Rejects or does not accept anyone
Even those I don’t know
But who are my queer family

Queer is solidarity
We all should have an equal right to participate in all aspects of society
We cannot be complacent when there is still often placement
Of us, of the queer family
On a scale of relative privilege or lack thereof
Acceptance or lack thereof

Queer is being proud to say
We are not going away
We will never go away
We will continue to challenge and protest
We will fight any impediment
Until gender and sexuality are considered irrelevant
As a means to make any sweeping assessment
Of people who people do not know
Who people do not plan to get to know

We are just people
Queer is people, people are queer
Queer is weird because all people are weird
The “normal” you are taught is dominant
Is a concept that never really existed
Is a concept to be actively resisted
Queer is fighting for equality until all are included
Queer is celebrating DIVErsity where none are excluded
We are here and we are queer and we are not going away



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